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Pecheur de Marché – Review

Pecheur de Marché 3464 Sources Blvd. DDO QC H9B 1Z9 (514) 683-3474 Entre nous, West Island is a tad weak on fish and seafood, but Pecheur de Marché is a pleasant surprise. Not upmarket but honest, and good. For lunch, a snack or early supper you choose your fish or seafood, have it cooked to [...]


Ta Pies – Review

Ta Pies 5525 Monkland Avenue NDG, QC, H4A 1C8 (514) 481-1743 Ta specializes in Australian/New Zealand “rapid cuisine:” perfect, buttery-puff pastry filled with: Bacon & egg Classic beef or beef & cheese Pate chinoise Steak; steak & mushroom; steak & cheese; steak bacon & cheese; steak & kidney; pepper steak Chili con carne Lamb roganjosh, [...]


Le Vieux Four Manago – Review

Le Vieux Four Manago 3636 St Charles (north of Hwy 40) Kirkland QC H9H 3C3 (514) 428-0100 Many Italian-style restaurants in our berg: high-end to low and several in-between. Manago covers the range with style, beyond competent food and professional service. You can feel comfortable dropping in to share (or pick up) a pizza from [...]

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