L’Academie West Island offers excellent French and Italian cuisine. Bring your favorite wine and select the perfect complement from the menu. Situated in Pointe-Claire, they specialize in generous servings of steamed mussels with various tasty sauces and fresh pasta with several different Italian sauces. Ever since the first restaurant opened in 1984, they have aimed at offering fine Italian and French cuisine at affordable prices. The dining ambiance is lively and fun French bistro and it is a good place for friends to meet or for family dinners.

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29 Reviews

  1. Maria , 3-28-2015

    Food was good,I have had better service, found it very loud had to shout to be heard!!!Not sure I would go back!!!

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  3. shaw ching chun wah , 12-5-2014

    yesterday I was over there the food was excellent and good service

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  5. Elana Dickerman , 5-22-2014

    I must say, I experienced the worst service ever tonight, May 21st, 2014.
    I got there with 3 other people. The place was almost empty @ 730pm when we arrived. Took 3 to 4 min before the hostess came to sit us.
    We got served water and menus.
    The waitress took over 15 min, to even come to our table, to ask if we were ready to order.
    Got our meals.. 2 out of the 4 orders came…and only about 10 min later the others came. The 1st 2 people who got their orders 1st , had to start eating or their orders would’ve gotten cold. They were well into their meals by the time the other 2 people got their orders. We asked for more water a few times, we never got the water.
    Took our waitress a good 20 min, after we finished eating to ask if we wanted coffee or dessert. When we yes, we asked to see the dessert menu, she said the platter of desserts were put away for the night, as the kitchen closed by 930. She said that with attitude. We insisted that we wanted to see the platter, she went and got it, but ungracefully. Then we told her that 2 of us were celebrating our birthday. She brought us complimentary cake, cut in half. I say that because the table beside us was also celebrating a birthday, and that person got a very big piece. Another table beside us, who just finished their meal, (served by the same waitress) was asked by her would you like to see the dessert menu. So then why were we given the attitude?! Also, there were extra desserts ordered besides the birthday cakes and one was your carrot cake. When we mentioned it wasn’t fresh, she said, oh yes, well its about 2 days old. Didn’t even say she was sorry, can we offer you something else, or I’ll take it off your bill…
    Very disappointed.

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  7. Ralph P , 4-4-2014

    Nice restaurant and very good service. Three of us have been going for lunch once a week for over a year and I can only remember one time when the service was slow due to the restaurant being completely full. The staff is always friendly, the food is good and the lunch menu is very reasonably priced. The menu is not extensive however what they offer is good. I have no problem recommending L’Academie to anyone looking for a nice atmosphere and good food.

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  9. Andrew , 1-18-2014

    Would not recommend to anyone. Arrived at 6pm on a Saturday evening with a group of 10. Was not served until 7:45pm. Bad service and food was cold. We were asked to leave at 8:40, after having barely finished, to make way for the next meal service.

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  11. Bruce , 1-1-2014

    Great service, food and atmosphere

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  13. Mike Gruber , 11-16-2013


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  15. chantal , 7-16-2013

    My husband took me to L’Academie on our anniversary and we had a great time. I definitely recommend going with the chicken fillet in pink peppercorn sauce…yummy!

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  17. Amanda , 3-24-2013

    My cousins and I wanted to try this restaurant, and sadly we left disappointed. I had ordered mussels with fries and more than half of them were empty. I informed the waiter and he changed them without a problem; however when he changed my dish he never replaced my fries. Also the broth for the mussels was extremely salty. I feel this restaurant is way too overpriced…. and would for sure not give it a second chance.

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  19. Julie St-Pierre , 12-23-2012

    I was really suprised by how beautifully decorated their pointe claire location is. I went there for lunch and had some mussels which I really enjoyed. The server was so nice and delivered my food in a timely manner. I will definitely be coming back!

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  21. Kayla , 12-14-2012

    i went there for my friend birthday Dec 8 , the food is not worst the price. too expensive.. the salmon was no tasty at all, one piece of salmon , little grated potatoes (God knows what it is) 2 small baby carrots. for $25.00. too noisy .

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  23. Wine lover , 10-12-2012

    Some of the worst food I have ever eaten. My pasta was lacking in flavour and I had multiple stems throughout my food from the poorly “minced” parsley. I would never recommend going here.

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  25. Katieb , 9-3-2012

    Took 20 minutes to get our bread and menus… Very slow and improper service. Also the food was very disappointing and overpriced. Big waste of time and money

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  27. Nathalie , 6-5-2012

    I went to L’ academie recently for a friends birthday and had a nice time.The service was friendly and efficient considering how busy it was.The food was very good although I have to say my meal had a bit too much sauce but that is all I have to say negativly about this place.I heard mixed reviews about L’academie but I have to say my fist time was pleasant and will return:)

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  29. Denise , 5-31-2012

    My experience tonight was great we had the lobster and enjoy it, well presented and delicious. The service was good but Camil our waiter was quite busy, he forgot to come back to us with the pepper. As can be expected having lobster to eat require lost of finger work , The right tool were provided for the lobster, but I have to mention a finger bowl at the end of the meal would have been so appreciated, like in the old days, I wish this practice would be on, we would save a lot on the environment. I have to praise our waiter, he came back to our table with a nice bowl of warm water with slices of lemon in it, and it was a delight to clean our hands.

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  31. Mary Bourdon , 5-18-2012

    We always have a nice experience at L’Academie. The atmosphere is lovely, the food is yummy and very reasonably priced, and it is a bring your wine establishment. I honestly don’t think you could ask for much more in terms of quality/price. And gotta say we love the mussels, which are always fresh and hot. Keep up the good work and you should be around a long time.

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  33. alex , 5-4-2012

    Horrible Place. Waited 30 minutes for waiter to come see us for the first time.
    Very bad service, not enough experience in their staff. My friend got a cup of sauce spilled on his shit, our waiter offered us free coffee to compensate, we placed our coffee order and waiter came back saying “sorry the coffee machine is closed” how pathetic. I will never go eat here again. Plenty of other great places in the west island.

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  35. Sheila & Don , 3-17-2012

    Hi . went to L’academie restaurant March 17 for supper . Reserved for 5.45pm. Very impressed by the inside of the restaurant . Large and spacious . Sat at our table and were served 2 types of bead within 2 minutes . Five minutes after , a waitress came by to open our bottle of wine ( it’s a byow ) . A few minutes after our waiter came by to take our order and to explain the menu . WOW ! fast service . We ordered linguine with schrimps,calamare,scallops in a sauce . All very good and hot . Also had a salad ( choice of salad or soup ) . Our waiter was Nikita . With coffee and all , $50.00 . Great place , great service . Would recommend .

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  37. Shauneen Mc Nair , 2-16-2012

    Food has always been really good even if it didnt look the best (lamb looked like it was cut by a 10 year old). Service was a little slow but was a great place for a date with my husband.

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  39. jobean , 1-20-2012

    Have frequented the West Island location several times. The mussels are always a hit. Lots of good choices for mussel lovers. Have had the pasta and didn’t find it anything beyond average. One of the plates had virtually no sauce. Also, the gnocchi was heavy and should be shared. If you’ve experienced homemade gnocchi, this might disappoint. The deserts are priced fairly and are good. Not a large portion but for most perfect in size. Again, the lower prices before Thursday night is always a great option along with a bottle of your own wine, you’re good to go. The service is up and down. Make sure you have a bit of time on your hands, that’s all.

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  41. Emy , 12-6-2011

    Great place! SUPER cheap (it’s BYOB), good quality and mostly fast service… My boyfriend and I go here every time we want to eat out cause it’s a nice environment, but also makes a date really easy on the wallet. On Monday to Thursday nights your meal comes with either a salad or soup, bread and they have specials. I highly recommend going here… It’s especially nice going here on Tuesdays and then rushing off to see a cheapy Tuesday movie at the theatres.
    Recommendation; the gnocchi with rose sauce is the overall favourite.

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  43. Alain , 11-15-2011


    Great place for lunch…. The Host and staff Catherine (2 of them) are extra-ordinaire to serve us..

    Way to go..

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  45. L Tessier , 11-7-2011

    I have enjoyed dining at L’Academie many times – I would love to see the menu expanded a little, if you are not someone who LOVES mussels, then you are quite limited on the rest…….service was always very good and food very good – would definitely go back!!! ps I don’t care for mussels but I do however LOVE their fries!

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    • Emy , 12-6-2011

      “I would love to see the menu expanded a little”
      I agree 100%. As a vegetarian/vegan, it’s a little annoying that every time I go here (which is a lot)I know I only have 2 options on the menu; pasta primavera or pasta napolitain… I would go here crazy often if it had more diversity.

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  47. Heidi , 9-13-2011

    If i feel like moules et frites,i go here.its pretty good,i always have the mussles with blue cheese,very good and great fries,nice atmosphere,and love that we can bring our own wine

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  49. Suzanne , 8-28-2011

    we were there on Friday 26 th Aug. I had the grilled tuna with chef salad before and my partner had the moules & frites with cesear salad. The food was spectacular, the tuna cooked to perfection and the sauce completing the taste wonderfully. The sauce with the mussels was fresh tasting and just right. Everything was served piping hot. The decor is clean and professional looking, comfortable and the service was even better. Water glasses were refilled often, waiters that were all very nice and efficient. I would definitely recommend this place.

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  51. Gordie , 4-11-2011

    Also there on April 8th. however food was great and service excellent. This is a very popular restaurant therefore if you want better service the trick is to go earlier. I agree that the service after 6.30-7.00pm. could be slow since the restaurant was full when we left.

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  53. Maria , 4-8-2011

    TERRIBLE!!!! No dressing on salalds…waited 40 minutes to get main meal. Veal cream sauce with mushrooms was orange in color??? Did not taste like a cream sauce. Veal was tough. Would think for that price it could of been more tender. I was able to count the mushrooms on one hand. Had 3 cut in halves….but yup they had lots of shallots instead. Just terrible and would not waste my money there in the future. My friends had to ask for sauce for their pasta as it was the same as the salad. Lacking on all areas…..Very Bad experience!

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  55. Elizabeth Legault , 1-24-2011

    I went to the restaurant for my mothers 92nd birthday on January4. We were a party of 18 people. There was a power failure that lasted about 15 minutes. They were very friendly and helpful with explaining the menu to us. They served us all at the same time and the food was delicious and the price was right, and the portions were perfect. I have since recommended it to other people and will gladly go back every chance I get.

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Total Reviews: 29

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