Les 3 Brasseurs

Owned and operated by three generations of brewers, this microbrewery restaurant in the West Island has 28 locations all over France as well as several restaurants in Quebec and Ontario. The tremendous success of the microbreweries is the result of the high quality of their beer. The fresh, non-pasteurized beer is made from all of the purest ingredients one can find. Guests can even watch in amazement at the brewing process happening right in the restaurant during their meal. The menu includes simple fare and bistro dishes that are local favorites. The house specialty is a traditional flammequeche, a French open-faced piece that is covered in toppings of your choice.

Les 3 Brasseurs in Pointe Claire truly offers visitors a special beer-tasting experience in a traditional microbrewery environment redolent of the good old days.

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13 Reviews

  1. Niki Jurick , 4-6-2015

    We went to les trois Boasseurs since my husband & son felt like having moules & know it was good coming in little casseroles that keeps them hot.
    What a surprised they changed their menu. Its now an entree & does not come in the casserole , They were miniature & cold. My husband had to return his because it was cold & was not good. It cam with nothing so we order salad & fries . I had the fish & chips , talk about something store bought with dough an inch thick deep fried. The service was non existent we were always looking for her but she was hiding in the kitchen. For Lunch this was highly overpriced for the quality received. I could have gone to Micho Sushi for less the price. Never retuning & when we mentioned we would never come back , she just left, nothing about why, what is it you did not like , is there anything we can do … Nothing. Do not go to the West Island one Its Horrible. We’ve been to the Montreal ones & always had a good meal.

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  3. Claude , 11-9-2014

    Went to Les 3 Brasseurs West Island in November 2014. Service and beer are great, waiter told us it was happy hour so we got a larger beer for the price of a smaller. I took the “Royal Sauerkraut” from their house specialties. Just a small scoop of tasteless sauerkraut, ham was the thin variety like you get instead of bacon for breakfast, and the biggest disappointment was the pig knuckle: so much fat and skin, and about 3 tiny bites of meat. Plate also had 2 round potatoes, unseasoned, and brocoli with shaved carrots. A very bland plate.

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  5. Natalie , 11-6-2014

    Worst service in the West Island I have seen yet. And I make a point of trying new places.

    1st time I ever went, got there about 10 minutes before the game start, ordered a drink Upon receiving the drink we ordered food. 1st period went by, no food .. Asked the waiter who responded “Oh you didn’t get it yet?” .. He said he would go check. 10 minutes later, no sign of waiter. OK can I get another beer? No waiter to be found except for 5 of them behind the bar.. ?… 2nd period ends, no food. Got the second beer when we went to the bar to get it. Food please I am dying?! “Oh sorry it is on it’s way, someone called in sick” … And it took you two hockey periods to realize this? NO JOKE end of third NO FOOD!! At this point our answer was getting me another damn beer and they are all on you! Finished beer went to Baton Rouge.

    Believe it or not I gave them a second chance about 6 months later. Granted there was some improvement, but we were constantly looking for service or flagging someone down.

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  7. Skittles , 8-19-2014

    Great food! Louisianna flamm is the best!
    Alot of tv screens! Great management.
    Definitely the place to be in the west island!

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  9. Natasha , 8-5-2014

    The food is consistently bad here, and I’m not sure why (how can you possibly mess up a burger..?) If it’s not bad, then it’s nothing special (typical bar food – the kind you’d expect to find in a bar where the food is an after-thought and drinks are the main thing). I guess I would recommend the pizza over everything I’ve tried.

    The service is not good either. My friend ordered a Coke and it took our waiter 20 minutes to bring it, basically we had already finished eating. Don’t even ask how long it took to get a refill.

    Unrelated to the food, I find the West-Island location laid out completely weirdly. There is one large projector screen, but it is only visible to half the restaurant at most. If you’re sitting at a table, chances are you are being blocked by someone sitting in a booth higher-up. There is a smaller screen on the other side, but again, you can only see them if you’re facing that way. I much prefer the downtown locations for their layout.

    Aside from being in a good location, I die a bit inside every time one of my friends suggests we go there…. I strongly, STRONGLY recommend McKibbins instead for a better atmosphere and WAY better food.

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  11. Chris , 7-31-2014

    Don’t think I’ve ever had worse service at any other place in the west island.

    I went to this place 3 times and each time the experience was horrible. I gave it 3 chances; no more!

    But anyway what did I expect? All 3 brasseurs have mediocre beer and bad food :(

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  13. zalev , 7-22-2014

    Wouldn’t go back.
    Ordered the Vegetarian burger…not good at all!
    Plus my burger came with a sticker on it.

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  15. jenny , 5-6-2014

    My BBF and I heard about this place being a great pub for socializing, and boy was that ever the truth. We had a lot of fun and met some interesting guys. The terrasse was good, and so was the blond and peach schnapps.

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  17. Ralph P , 4-4-2014

    Three of us went for lunch and waited 20 minutes before being served. The food was cold and really nothing special. First impressions are very important and I won’t be going back to this restaurant.

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  19. Leslie Andradi , 4-2-2014

    Great food…..portions way too small and service SUCKS!!

    The manager was very apologetic but that did nothing.

    Will consider going back to the other locations but NEVER there again

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  21. acmp , 3-30-2014

    I went for lunch, and I waited one hour, and my order never came; I left restaurant without eat; they said l’m sorry we’re full.

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  23. Disapointed customer , 2-16-2014

    Very bad experience here. We were rushed to finish and leave 45 minutes before close. The waitor refused to speak to our group in english even though he clearly understood us. The portions were ridiculously small, and we did not feel welcome or wanted be th staff. Definetely would not consider going back. They defientely do not compete with other brasseries in the area!

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  25. Scott Reily , 12-12-2013

    We were ordering too many beers according to the staff there. This is very inconvenient, because we thought the whole point of meter long beers was to have fun with your friends. Manager told us we couldn’t have more than two meter longs at our table even though we were 5 people. The food was unbearable, had to go get some take out afterwards because I was starving, not to mention the small portions. After eating and drinking at our table, two friends and I decided to go have a round of shots and another round of beers at the bar. Unfortunately for us, the barmaid told us only one round of shots and that’s it. I’ve never heard of a business refusing customers money. Keep in mind that its only 11 pm and the night hasn’t even begun for us (meaning we weren’t drunk and rowdy at all at this point). After the shots, we went out for some fresh air, and as we came back in to the bar, we noticed tree tall glasses of water. Bam!! How embarrassing! Definitely the most outrageous behavior and utmost senseless thing to do as a business; lay down water for your client at the bar without their permission.

    Out of all my experiences in bars, restaurants or any other type of commercial business here in Montreal, or anywhere else for that matter of fact, that night, at 3 brasseurs in DDO has definitely been the worst experience of our life’s. Neither my friends, nor I will ever be stepping foot into one of your establishments ever again. And trust us when we say that, that night is a night to remember and we will forever discuss it with fellow friends over nice meals someplace else.

    Satisfied customers bring good business.
    Unsatisfied customers don’t come back.
    Offended customers make terrible business and keep their friends and family away from such bad business.

    Yours truly,
    An offended customer.

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Reviews for: Les 3 Brasseurs
Average Rating: 2/5
Total Reviews: 13

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