La Porte Grecque

In the mood for Greek food? If so, La Porte Grecque in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux is the place for authentic Greek flavors! Located in a historical cottage erected in 1856, the plethora of Mediterranean dishes you’ll find on their A la Carte menu is vast. Choose from dishes made with vine ripened tomatoes, octopus and calamari, lamb, quail, greens and grains! Love feta cheese and Greek tzatziki? You’ll find them both at La Porte Grecque West Island! Open for both lunch and dinner, enjoy not just Greek dishes but Greek wine choices and suggested food and wine pairings!

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13 Reviews

  1. Ali , 12-19-2013

    We walked in at around 3:50 in the afternoon ( Working hrs on the door said 11 am – 10 pm ) … no reception!? we were just wondering what’s going on and a unfriendly person suddenly showed up who seemed to owner and said that they are closed now and re open at 5:00 pm .. although I did not see any closed sign at the entrance and kind of baffled by the working hrs mentioned on the door, we said Ok we’ll be back by then.

    We came back at 10 past five and entered the building and same guys showed up at the reception just staring at us, no welcome no greetings very rude! and then he asked us if we had a reservation!! I’m not sure why he did not mention it when we told him that we will back in 1 hr time. anyhow a table was assigned but without seeing any customer courtesy or any polite behaviour. Although I was quite unimpressed but i decided not completely spoil the evening and try the food.

    The waiter was young fellow may be owner’s son but he seemed like nice person.
    Food taste was good but nothing extra ordinary.
    I would not recommend that any anyone – I think a big part of a dinning business is to have good attitude towards the customer.

    Two thumbs down!

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  3. Kelly , 12-17-2013

    Not even worth the one star!! Boy has this place gone down hill!! Had reservations for a work Christmas party of 30 people. They sat us at two tables where there was only enough room for 20!! I was then given attitude by two waitresses that they would be happy to sit the other people at another table. This is a work Christmas party…no…you can’t sit 6 people at another table! The wait staff couldn’t even figure out how to make room for the appetizer plates, just plunked them down in front of people. We felt rushed all night from ordering appetizers to desert and coffee. The food…well I have never tasted anything so gross in my life. It was served cold and mushy. The bacon wrapped scallops were more like bacon wrapped mashed potatoes! And the seafood trio was cold scampish breaded in soggy oily cold goo. The whole experience was a nightmare.

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  5. John , 12-17-2013

    We often go to this restaurant and we are honestly thinking of stopping! With not many options in the west island and food that’s always been ok, we’ve often settled for it. However the owner and his son have to be some of the worst business men I’ve ever met!! Rude, incompetent, unorganized and straight up don’t care. Too bad, just so happens I work with the public and will make sure they lose thousands and thousands of dollars in revenew. This will definitely not be a restaurant I will recommend anymore…what a shame!

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  7. Chris , 12-21-2012

    waitress very rude. brought the meal before the appetizer. waitress had an attitude. informed the owner. owner didn’t seem to care and offered no compensation or apology. owner should learn to understand that the customer is your bread and butter. food is simple and reasonably priced.

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  9. Pam Barr , 9-16-2012

    Food is great and prices are fair.

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  11. Dissatisfied , 6-23-2012

    Food is really tasty but the owners make you feel unwelcome from the minute you come in, and like you are intruding the rest of the time. Nothing to do with roudy groups, even a quiet couple gets the evil stare! Never understood how they stay in business with their attitude towards their customers. Waitstaff is nice enough. I think the prices and ever stable good quality of the cooking keeps people going back (hats off to to their chefs). With all the competition at closely similar price points and 4 star service elsewhere, the place won’t last in this day and age if the owners don’t smarten up…I guess they don’t read their own internet reviews! After 12 years, going there has become a last resort.

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  13. Laurie M , 4-5-2012

    Standing the test of time…

    I have lived on the West Island all my life (34 years) and I can’t think of too many restaurants that have been open for that many years. After my first visit to La Porte Grecque I can see why they have been one of the longest standing restaurants on the West Island.
    My husband and I arrived one Friday night to meet a group of co-workers. (We were ten all together). When we got there we discovered that no one had actually made the reservation! The owner consulted his list and politely asked us if we did not mind waiting for a few minutes. He returned a few minutes later and explained he had a reservation that canceled and that he could accommodate us –however he would need the table back in an hour and forty five minutes to accommodate another reservation. Although there were a few people in our group not pleased with this – a few other couples assured us that the food was fantastic and it was worth the sacrifice.
    The owner brought us to a spacious table on the second floor, handed us menus and even opened our wine while I was our waitress was at another table.
    My husband and I split the Zesti Pikilia entree which was suggested by our waitress, when she first explained it I was not so sure, I mean fried zucchini, eggplant and artichokes? But she was so sweet and enthusiastic about it I agreed. Glad I did! I was delicious! The batter was nice and light, the vegetables perfectly cooked and the lemon sauce was bold and flavorful. The fresh garlic bread they put on the table was hot and very good for using up the extra sauce on the plate.
    My husband had the filet mignon medallions with four butterfly shrimp. I had the oregano chicken breast and four scampi’s. The plates were served with Greek style potatoes, rice and house salad. My husband took the house salad but I upgraded to the Cesar – an additional cost that was well worth the money. The roman lettuce was crisp, fresh croutons and just the right amount of dressing. Plus my request for no bacon bits was accommodated. My chicken and scampi’s were perfect, lots of flavor, the chicken was melt in your mouth perfectly cooked and the scampi’s were nicely seasoned. My husband loved the filet mignon as it came wrapped in bacon; the waitress was kind enough to make an extra trip down the stairs of hot garlic butter for his shrimp. When she returned to the table she asked how everyone was doing and specifically asked my husband if his meat was cooked exactly how he liked it. (It was). The plates were huge! Everything had a wonderful bold and unique flavor to it.
    What really impressed me was the service. Although we were on a time limit the service was so seamless we never felt rushed. I had plenty of time left over at the end of the meal to enjoy a nice cappuccino and Italian ice cream. Now presenting those desserts on a platter how can you resist the desserts when they are actually in front of you?
    It is clear why La Porte Grecque has stood the test of time while so many others have come and gone. Between the great food, courteous staff and wonderful charming décor – all those aspects compliment each wonderfully.
    I went home and found their official Facebook Page and clicked “Like”.

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  15. May. H. , 3-30-2012

    The worst service ever! I made a reservation for my Mom’s Birthday. The owner told me that I should book on Sunday instead of Saturday, because on Saturday I have only 2 hours to eat and leave. (Just a smart policy to make more money). Then, I asked him if I could bring our cake, to that he replied with a cold and brief : NO. Then he added: “Why bringing your cake since we have cakes in the house?” ok Fine, we went with his cake, although my husband organized a birthday party there 2 years ago, and there was no problem @ all bringing our own cake. Once we showed to the restaurant, the owner was there, looking grumpy and moody, and not welcoming at all. He made sit in the worst spot in the restaurant, near the kitchen door, with uncomfortable chairs. So we quickly asked one waitress, if we could get a better spot, since half of the place was empty, and since we did a reservation a way ahead. She snapped with a very rude attitude and started giving us lame excuses about why they put us in the spot. At the end, we went to speak to the owner, and he refused to give us a better place without giving us a good reason. All this made us realize that they’re not worth our money, and that we should go somewhere else. While we’re leaving, (we were seven by the way) the owner felt threatened, so he suggested to give a better table upstairs, so to that we answered : ”TOO LATE”
    He should know better, having a business like that and mistreating the customers is no a way to success, he lacks the sense of hospitality! He just lost @ least 300$ that night for his bad attitude and grumpiness! Never again to this place!

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  17. Leslie B. , 3-18-2012

    I have been a customer for many years and always enjoy coming here. The food is great, the prices always reasonable. The historic house it’s in lends to a cozy atmosphere, and I would highly recommend the terrace in the summer, which is spacious and pretty, shaded by huge trees. It’s a great little spot that I have recommended many times, and where I will continue to bring my family and friends.

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  19. Nancy R , 2-19-2012

    Really? Are you kidding me? Was going there for years, the food was great, the service not bad, except for miserable owner and son. The place is full every night, they should try putting some money back into the restaurant, tired of looking at those crappy tables and linens and drinking from those tired blue plastic water glasses. The last couple of times we went, they rushed our meal to get us out of there, didn’t finish one course before they were bringing the next. Done with them!

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  21. Marilyn Carroll , 11-28-2011

    I love this restaurant. The best food and the best prices in all of the west island.

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  23. Ron Morrison , 1-22-2011

    This is a great place to eat, i love going there, very friendly Ron

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  25. Irene , 1-8-2011

    Great food, very friendly service, BYOW. Great foe evening with friends and also very good for a family reunion.

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Reviews for: La Porte Grecque
Average Rating: 2/5
Total Reviews: 13

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