Steak Frites

In the delightful French ambiance of le Steak Frites in Kirkland, the menu is delicately written on chalk boards around the dining room. The selection is small with steak and frites, fillet mignon, duck, lamb or salmon, but the quality is excellent. All meals are served with fresh, warm buns. The accompanying sauces are perfection, and the unlimited frites are famous. Guests of Steak Frites West Island bring their own wine to accompany a very good meal at reasonable prices. The service staff is very attentive and the ambiance is perfect for a private evening or a group event. Steak lovers will especially enjoy a meal at le Steak Frites.

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28 Reviews

  1. Santos , 6-30-2013

    Staff very friendly and efficient. Unfirtunate that they are nit serving anything special. Steak was ordinary and the frites were lukewarm and tasted dated.
    They should at least master the name of the restaurant.

    Not going back.
    Good luck

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  3. monstermuncher , 2-18-2013

    I love this place. I’ve been several times, and have always had excellent service. Servers are friendly and there when you need them, but not in your face all the time. However, I should say that as we have 2 young kids I’m usually there between around 5:30 to 7:30pm, so I can’t comment on service later in the evenings, and I’ve never been at the weekend. But I can say that they are certainly family friendly at the time we go. I have also been with friends and their 2 young kids and still had a great experience. We celebrated my husband’s birthday here with a large group, and took advantage of the full menu, from appetizer to dessert. Everything was delicious, but I found the appetizers a little expensive, and unnecessary really, considering that the signature steaks come with salad appetizer, and of course there is the lovely warm bread and the unlimited fries. Now I usually order the St. Paul, which is a perfectly sized meal for me. My all time fave steak place is the Keg in the old port, but at the more affordable price of $25 a head for a superbly cooked, appropriately sized steak dinner, I find this to be a great place for any time, and always try to take guests when they visit from overseas. Also, I’ve tried the Steak Frites in the old port, and much prefer the West Island one….the food is much the same, but the service is way better and less pretentious in West Island, and decor is better too. As it seems reviews are very mixed, I hope the manager/owner work to ensure a more consistently good service, as I really hope this place stays in the West Island for a long time!

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  5. Sylvia Moran , 1-11-2013

    Never again!!!!

    We were there for lunch, on a Friday. The place wasn’t even half full. It took over an hour to get our meal. I ordered a cheeseburger which was dry and overdone, with a patty that was tiny, looking lost on the hamburger bun (total $11.50). The fries were adequate. It took an additional 5 minutes to get ketchup and mayo from the waiters (which should have been on the table before the meals came) by which time things were getting cold. I advised our waiter of my displeasure (eating it because I was really hungry by then) but there were no apologies or interest. Others at my table were ok with their meals but not the service.

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  7. Valerie Cote , 9-23-2012

    September 23, 2012

    The reviews I read before eating at Steak Frites last night would have kept me from eating there, ordinarily. However I know from these public review forums that the limitation is the lack of ‘supporting data’. The majority of the reviews were written shortly after its opening.

    The service was quick and friendly, they even let us bring our own cake and offered to serve it to us, dressing it up with a little chocolate syrup. The salmon was delicious, cooked to perfection ! The bread and salad ushered in what was to be an excellent dining experience from beginning to end !

    I would recommend this restaurant to everybody I know. My son and his wife ate at the one in Montreal earlier in the week, and found that the service and food was even better at the location on the West Island.

    Check it out, you will not be disappointed !

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  9. Mark stern , 3-25-2012

    After reading all these reviews we will not waste our hard earned money here.
    Thanks for the great reviews

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  11. Richard G , 2-19-2012

    In a nutshell. Overpriced. Overrated. For what they charge, the food should be outstanding. It is below average. I will not go back.

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  13. glenn , 2-13-2012

    If you know about good food, then this isn’t the place for you.
    We ordered the filet mignon for two. They advertise that it is 10 ounces, but it is barely enough for 1 person.Given this fact, the price is absurd !! The steak was cooked properly, medium rare, however it was cold. Maybe they should try to tent the meat while it is resting. The fries were below average to say the least. Montreal is famous for fries, so if you;re highlighting them on your menu, they better be superb. The salad was bland and very pedestrian. Not worth eating really.The decor was modern and I enjoyed the general look of the place, however without any accoustical treatment, it was a little like eating in an echo chamber.
    The service was slightly above average if you don’t mind being served by 4 or 5 people as opposed to just 1.

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  15. Anish , 1-6-2012

    Love this place. Who orders salad at a steak place? If your steak is rubbery perhaps asking for it medium rare is in order. Stop giving negative reviews if you don’t have some culinary class

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  17. Teenie , 12-12-2011

    Date and time of visit: Saturday, December 10, 2011, 6:00pm

    Upon arrival, we were greeted immediately and offered the complimentary coat-check by the smiling hostess. We had made the reservation early in the week and were seated immediately in a quiet, intimate booth. The ambiance is perfect for conversation, not too loud, not too dark and there’s enough space between the tables that you don’t feel that the whole restaurant can hear what you’re saying. The lunch and dinner menus are written on large chalk boards around the restaurant, tastefully lit and easy to read. Within minutes of being seated, our wonderful server JF appeared to open the wine and explain the specials and the menu. Contrary to other reviews, the servers do have copies of the menu which we were offered right away as our booth didn’t face the chalkboards with the dinner menu.

    We decided against a starter but added the “La Mer” (a grilled shrimp and scallop) to the meal. We both ordered the 5oz filet mignon, one medium with a 3 peppercorn sauce and one Pittsburgh with mushroom Madeira sauce. I was informed after a few minutes that the restaurant was unable to cook the steak Pittsburgh, however instead of just saying “no, we can’t do that” like you’d hear in most other restaurants, I was given an explanation of how the steaks are cooked at this restaurant and the difference in the cooking technique required for Pittsburgh. I was very impressed with how JF handled this situation and I gladly ordered rare instead.

    The meals come with bread and a salad. After reading other reviews on this place, I fully expected to be handed a limp and tasteless wad of wilted greens drowning in a mayo-like dressing. What was served instead was a salad of tender Boston lettuce with a creamy garlic dressing topped with a few slivers of red onion. While there was a bit much dressing for my taste, I can see why some people would mistake the tender Boston leaves as “wilted” lettuce. The creamy dressing clung to the leaves and weighed them down; less dressing would lighten the whole salad and let the nature of the lettuce shine through.

    We sipped our wine and enjoyed a nice conversation while waiting for our mains to come out, maybe 15 minutes had passed since we were handed our salads, when JF popped over apologizing for the long wait for the food and assuring us that it was being plated as we spoke. Personally, 15 minutes from salad to main is perfectly acceptable, but the communication from JF was still appreciated.

    Our steaks arrived with a mountain of crisp, sautéed green beans, a grilled cherry tomato and, of course, the eponymous Frites. Once again, contrary to other reviews of this restaurant, in the 20 or 30 minutes that it took for us to finish our meals, we were offered more Frites 3 times. We never had to search out a server but at the same time, they weren’t constantly at the tableside either. The steaks were so tender that a knife was barely necessary; the green beans buttery and perfectly cooked, the cherry tomato a sweet, fresh pop of flavour and the Frites hot, crispy and golden. The mushroom Madeira sauce was a sweet, savoury addition to the meal, the 3 peppercorn sauce was a creamy kick and both were served on the side, a big plus in contrast with other restaurants that try to camouflage inferior meat by drowning it in heavy sauce. A big surprise with this meal was the shrimp and scallop. Both were cooked to a turn, the scallop golden on both sides, melted in the mouth and very well cleaned, not a hint of grit. The shrimp was split down the back, perfect texture and had a beautiful fresh taste. The seafood was served with garlic butter and lemon wedges, not that they were needed, the freshness and flavours spoke for themselves.

    After we both cleared our plates, I couldn’t resist the Crème Brûlée on the dessert menu. This is one of my favourite desserts and when it was served, I’ll admit to being very skeptical. I’m used to seeing Crème Brûlée in a shallow dish, less than a half inch thick. This was served in a 3” ramekin with a beautiful golden crust of sugar, not too thick, not too thin. I was expecting watery, warm bland custard and instead was surprised by a delightful cold, light and airy dessert that perfectly rounded out the meal.

    Throughout dinner, we were never rushed, a server was at the table the moment you raised your head to look for one, and the server JF was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. The food was wonderful and perfectly cooked and very good value for money. We spent two hours at this restaurant, had two mains, an add-on of seafood, coffee and dessert and walked out for less than 60$ each. That’s very reasonable for a bring-your-own wine restaurant in the West Island.

    Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening with great food and great service; I would definitely go back and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.

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    • Cook , 2-27-2012

      sure looks like the owner is looking at these sites? ya think.

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      • A. Nonymous , 5-30-2014

        Well said!!!

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    • Left hungry , 6-4-2013

      Ok And you bought this restaurant when? You are in denial!!

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  19. Kathleen Davis , 12-3-2011

    My first visit to the restaurant last night. I found the food good, though not much selection for non-steak eaters on the main menu. The service was very poor, slow and a variety of waiters served our table..maybe 4 all told. No continuity, we had to ask for bread and for the table to be cleared. Not very impressive at all. I doubt we will be going back.

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    • Denise , 6-12-2013

      Yeah um, why the hell did you go to STEAK Frites, if you were gonna complain about having a small non-steak section. Get it together snobs, people like you are the reason West Islanders have a bad reputation. Stop complaining, if you’re not a steak eater, then GTFO of Steak Frites.

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  21. Maureen , 11-11-2011

    I went to eat there this evening with family for a Birthday …ugh…the salad was just a bunch of leaves in what tasted like Mayo…the steak ( St. Paul ) was like to big pieces of shoe leather..I couldn’t eat it…the fries were good and the mushroom sauce too but I didn’t want to spend all this money on fries and sauce..I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone!

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    • Left hungry , 6-1-2013

      We ate at Steak and fries last night. I had the calamaries and they were really crispy and tough. The French fries were not great, I’ve had better in many places
      My friend had the hamburger steak and she couldn’t eat it. The service was terrible,and we waited along time for our food. At the end their credit card machine did not work and was told my card was de magnified . I had just used it some where else. All this to say I would not go back and would not recommend. It.

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  23. Mario , 10-30-2011

    After reading the negative reviews my wife said “Don’t believe everything you read, let’s just go”. And that’s what we did. The experience was great and I’ve been to many steak houses all over North America so I could easily compare. There always seemed to be someone around at the right moment, just when you needed something. The staff was friendly but not overly friendly which sometimes comes off as being fake. The prices were fair, the food was better than expected (Perfect actually) and we had a wonderful night. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. (We went to the one in Kirkland). Enjoy!

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  25. Anonymous , 10-22-2011

    I go to this restaurant almost every week if I can. The food is fantastic, the employees are just as great, although the service can be slow. After reading some of these comments, I can’t believe the things people think. (The salad is SUPPOSED to be just a couple of bites to open your appetite for your main course. its free, why complain?[And its a garlic peppercorn ranch, not mayo?]) I 1000% recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for fine dining in the west island. Beautiful atmosphere, good music, settings, great food and deserts and very friendly staff. 10/10 in my books.

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    • Cook , 2-27-2012

      salad is not free it’s added in the food cost of the plate

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  27. Steve , 10-22-2011

    After reading all the people’s reviews for this restaurant, its like jeckyl and hyde dined there so i decided to dine there seeing i liked the other locations…same look, just bigger and newer the west island one. The food was ok, my steak was cooked well but the all-you-can eat fries never came to fill up when waiter didnt have enough the first time…that was a real bummer that he never came back, like he disappeared!! When the steak was finished, he magically appeared which was too late.

    My companion liked her food so i cant say anything bad. Steak Frites is one of those “ahh wtv” restaurants, its good food but nothing to go crazy about, so many other places in the west to get that and for cheaper…maybe its just the vibe in the place, seems very cold and not welcoming. Thats my opinion but like i said, Steak was good and thats part of their name but Fries, non-excitant!

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  29. Pat Larue , 10-13-2011

    Very big disappointment!!! Very clown service, steak overcooked when we asked for rare, arrogant waiter, the owner of the restaurant came at the end of the dinner and he mentioned that we were very quick to criticize his restaurant…! To conclude, not only it was a very big disappointment they also overcharge me by 30,00$! I wonder how long that they will last since the was already in three years three other restaurant at that location (Houston, Bifthèque, at the moment them)…

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  31. Val , 10-5-2011

    My husband took me here for my birthday – I had spotted the place and really wanted to try it, I love a good steak & frites. I was surprised how up-market it was when we walked in, a bit cold looking but so far we were fairly impressed. Rather pretentious service we noticed, but let’s try the food!! We split a calmari to start, which wasn’t too bad. For our main courses I had a filet mignon and while it was tender and cooked to my request, it had obviously just been thrown on a hotplate and lacked the delicious browning that gives this cut more taste. So, this was not a particularly tasty or memorable steak. but, I was reasonably satisfied. On the other hand my husband had the St. Paul steak and he said it was disgusting, the taste was awful and he couldn’t eat it. Others have said that the menu was limited, well, as far as I’m concerned a steak and frites restaurant would quite obviously have a limited menu because they concentrate on their specialty which is steak. And, if a steak frites place cannot serve a wonderful steak what on earth are they doing! The nonsense of all-you-can-eat fries is just that, nonsense, they make a huge performance of coming around with a large bowl of fries and serving them as though it’s special and then you don’t see them again. This restaurant is all show right from the decor to the attempts at classy service, it will not serve them well, people can’t be fooled with ‘flash’ when they don’t deliver on their main reason for being there – steak!! And, I didn’t even mention the price for all of this……… $90 and this is a bring you own wine restaurant. The best part of the meal was the really good bottle of wine that we took! We eat out a lot and are well travelled, so feel that we can speak with some reasonable experience, but this place ………. it deserves to lose business, especially when we see that many other people feel the same way. You cannot fool people with flashy decor and pretension – you have to deliver on the food, when will restauranteurs get this into their heads?

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  33. Dralli Bormada , 10-5-2011

    I was not very impressed with the service in the place. We sat down around 6:00 and our order wasn’t taken for at least 45 minutes. No drinks were offered until the actual meal was ordered. I took a non-alcololic beer cause I like the taste with steak, got the beer quick enough but it took another 45 minutes to get the steak so needless to say the beer was finished before the steak came. The steak was cooked properly, although nobody at the table got the right order and with teens that dig right into their meal without checking first this caused quite a bit of caos. Like others have said, the waiter came to my plate with the fries and ran out. I asked for more but he never came back until the meal was over and I was ordering my coffee. I can’t say that it was an enjoyable experience, so would not recommend going there unless you bring a lot of wine and plan on spending hours waiting for food that may never come.

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  35. kathleen brown , 10-1-2011

    we , 6 of us, celebrated my daughters birthday on Sept 30th at west island steak and fritz the service was great , everybody enjoyed their food, they came back and offered us fritz twice, the manager came by and asked if everything was o.k. We will definitely go back.

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  37. Donna , 9-12-2011

    I have been to this restaurant twice. The first time was with a girlfriend for a leisure girls’ night out. The food was okay although the dessert was excellent and the service wasn’t too bad although we were never given any bread and it was a little slow but we were relaxing so I didn’t think much of it. I was really disappointed with the “salad”. It consisted of lettuce and one piece of red onion with hardly a touch of vinaigrette. I had wanted to try this restaurant since it was new and bring your own wine (love this concept) and also because I would be returning at a later date with a larger group for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday so I thought I would scope the place out. After my first experience I was a little leery to return but I figured that in time the kinks of a new restaurant would be worked out and things would improve. Not the case. First of all, the restaurant did not want to give a group of 16 reservations for 7:30pm. They said 5:30pm or 8:30pm. One too early, the other too late. After some negotiating they said 8pm. The group arrived shortly before 8pm and was escorted to the waiting area where we were served French Fries. Sure enough we ony got to our table at 8:40pm….they had no intention of seating us at 8pm. One server was assigned to us and although he attempted to do his best, the overall service was not a success. Entrees were delivered within a reasonable amount of time as was the lettuce. But the main meal took forever. We were finally served our meal at 10:30pm even after my brother-in-law made a comment about things being very slow. We finally finished eating around 11pm. By that time none of us wanted dessert, just the bills. We finally got out of there between 11:30pm and 11:45pm. This is not a restaurant I will recommend to go to whether it is a party for two or a large group. I am afraid that if things don’t change the restaurant will be out of business before we know it. As for Cathy’s comment of March 24th about relaxing and dealing with the hit and miss about food and service…..well I’m afraid I do not agree. Customers pay good money when dining out and the expectation is that service and food should be acceptable. We are not talking McDonald’s here……a main meal costs no less than around $20.00 not including entree and dessert so customers should expect more. My recommendation is for Steak Frites to closely pay attention to the comments received and make some changes or the West Island will, once again, see a change over in restaurant establishment in this location.

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  39. Diane , 7-16-2011

    Contrary from comments made June 25th my brother, sister went for supper on Saturday table for 6, Jacques was there waiter. The description of service A+ the food A+, and believe me they are hard critic of restaurant they do appreciate good food, the St paul steak that they all took at the exception of one leg of lamb very very good, so much that i will be going to experience Steakfrites. Excellent comments, food & service

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  41. Jen , 6-7-2011

    We ate at this restaurant this evening, and I wish I had found this website before going. Service was horrible and food was average – nowhere near where it should be for the price they are charging. Salad was wilted, and we waited for 45 minutes between the salad being cleared and main course arriving. Thank goodness we asked them to bring our kids’ (2 and 5) meals right away rather than wait for our meals. Barely an apology for the wait. Then we waited another 20 minutes after the table was cleared for them to ask us if we wanted coffee. Never again.

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  43. Dino , 5-7-2011

    Had dinner with a friend at the Steak & Frites, Kirkland location. Our waitress (Lydia) was amazing. We both ordered the Lamb Shank, perfectly cooked! Melt in your mouth. I would highly recommend this restaurant. Ask for Lydia section, but all waiters and waitresses seemed very nice!

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Reviews for: Steak Frites
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