Ossiano – Review

16977, Rte Trans-Canada,
Kirkland, QC, H9H 5J1
(514) 739-4000

If you want to linger over a magnificent meal, in beautiful surrounding & exquisite service – consider Ossiano. This is NOT a place to dash & dine. Here you appreciate, savour, experience.

Am I overstating the situation? No! Beautifully plated dishes, with a strong emphasis on seafood, perfectly prepared.

Our party (whoo hoo!) of three began with chilled, martinis – two vodka & one gin, dirty, with a skim of ice. (Are you starting to feel this?) Then: half dozen P.E.I. oysters ($23); seared scallops ($21) glazed with Sambuca & peach balsamic served with sweet pea purée & prosciutto chips; grilled octopus ($23) with a lima bean purée, julienne of red peppers & onions, capers & Italian parsley, chorizo chip. (Starting to get the idea? This resto makes any occasion special!)

Mains were slow-braised lamb shank ($30) with red wine & herbs, served with a white bean, chorizo & duck confit cassoulet.; seafood rice ($39) with shrimps, clams, calamari, scallops & octopus with chorizo; oven roasted Pacific halibut ($42) crusted with Alep pistachios, served with sautéed greens & roasted bell peppers.

Management has a significant history in high-end eateries delivering fine, fine dining: Le Latini, La Queue de Cheval, Tsirco, California Dreams, 40 Westt Steakhouse & Raw Bar. Pauline was a regular at all & the experience is magnified/focused at Ossiano.

An exquisite extra: the creative & dedicated pastry chef, Hazel Paginado. Her creations defy description but riff on candied fantasy – you won’t be disappointed.

A meal here will cost you. But you’ll be rewarded with a truly grand, imaginative meal & fabulous memories. This is where you want to be for celebrations of every kind.

Highly recommended for an upscale & elegant dining experience. ✯✯✯✯